Although Bingo is one of the easiest games of all, many times even an expert at it finds himself unaware of certain bingo jargons. Bingo glossary includes all the important terms and abbreviations that are used in the game of Bingo. These abbreviations will help a first timer as well as a regular player in getting a better understanding of the game.

75 Ball Bingo – In a 75 ball bingo 75 numbers will be chosen randomly by the host and called out one by one in a pattern, and every player is expected to find these 75 numbers on their bingo card and match them simultaneously.
90 Ball Bingo –In a 90 ball bingo game, 90 random numbers will be called out by the host, and the player will need to get a matched 1-line, 2-lines, or a full house in order to be announced as a winner.
Admission – This abbreviation is used to specify the number of bingo cards that one will be expected to purchase in order to be admissible to the game.
Basket Bingo – This is a special game of bingo with basket prizes to be won.
Bingo Bango Bongo – This is a bingo game which includes prize points instead of prizes, and can be played between two or more players.
Bingo Board – This is a huge board with numbers from 1-100 on it. Each number on this board lights up as and when the host calls it out.
Bingo booklets – This is a book which has bingo cards which can be played one at a time. Instead of pages in this booklet, these cards are placed depending on the order in which they are expected to be played.
Bingo Card– This is the most essential aspect of the game, without which you will not be able to participate. A bingo card has numbers displayed on it, which you will have to match when the host calls it out.
Buzzword Bingo – This is a bingo game in which buzz words are used instead of numbers. Players are expected to match the words and phrases as and when they are called out by the host.
Caller- This is the host of a bingo game, the person who generally calls out all the numbers and buzzwords.
Cash-in-prize – This term is used for a bingo game where a cash prize is handed out to the winners.
Consolation prize – In bingo games when there are no declared winners, some special prizes are offered to the contestants on some special basis of the game, which is known as a consolation prize.
Dauber – A dauber is a pen that is used to mark bingo numbers, which has an ink filled foam tip.
Early bird Game – These games start before a scheduled bingo game.
Four Corners – Four Corners in a bingo game refers to the corner numbers of a card which needs to be matched with the numbers that the host announces.
Free Space– This is the space left in the center square of a bingo card, and is usually blank. It also helps in deciding your winning pattern.
Game Board – a game board used in bingo, displays bingo numbers in the form of balls in a specific game setting.
Game room – A Game room is usually found in an online website. These rooms are usually divided into different category of games for contestants to chat whilst they play.
Hard Ball – A hard ball refers to the first ball of a particular session of bingo game.
House – a casino establishment or virtual casinos, where all kinds of gambling games are played.
Instant Bingo – Instant bingo is a ticket which displays the letters B I N G O, bingo numbers and card faces. A person who has these on his/her ticket is pronounced as the winner of the instant bingo game.
Jackpot – Jackpots are a huge cash prize that is given to a contestant who is successful in achieving a specific pattern in his/her card within a limited number of bingo balls. Jackpot prizes are mostly given away in all casino games, no matter online or offline.
Late Night Bingo – This is a specific kind of Bingo Game that begins during the late hours of the night.
Lucky Jar – This lucky jar is usually filled with money, and the person who has the first number announced by the host, on his ticket is pronounced as the winner.
Main stage Bingo – Main stage bingo is normally considered to be the most important event of a particular bingo session. This is the part where there is a maximum number of contestants present.
Minimum-buy-in – is the minimum amount that is expected to be spent by a contestant to be able to avail the cash prize.
Money Ball – is a number which is picked before the beginning of the game, and if this number is the same as the bingo number, then the winner’s prize amount will be doubled.
Multiple Winners – If there are two or more contestants who have won a particular session of bingo game, then it is said to be a case of multiple winners. In that case the prize money is usually divided between the two winning contestants equally.
Nine packs – Nine Packs is a situation where a contestant has nine numbers in a row on one bingo card.
On – Any contestant is in this position when there is only number remaining to be matched on his card.
Pattern – A Pattern is a specific design on a bingo card in which the bingo numbers are expected to turn out in a particular manner.
Parti– basically short form of participation, this is a situation where the amount of the prize money is dependent on the number of contestants.
Payout – A Payout is a percentage of the sales amount, usually around 75%, which is paid by a casino house in the form of prize money to the participants.
Prize Bingo – is a format of a bingo game in which people receive a small amount of cash prize in addition to a gift package or voucher.
Progressive Jackpot – is a kind of jackpot, which increases with every trial of play.
Quickie – is a method of playing bingo where by the bingo numbers are announced in a quick succession.
RNG – Random Number Generator is a machine that picks numbers randomly for a game of bingo.
Single Line Across – Is a situation where a contestant has one line of matched bingo numbers.
Six pack – This occurs when there are six numbers in a row on your bingo ticket.
Wrap Up – This is usually the last game of a bingo tournament.