Top 10 Bingo Tips

Top 10 Bingo Tips

Bingo is basically a very simple game, to follow and win amazing cash prizes. It has therefore become very addictive amongst many people, in the form of an online game or at a casino establishment. Because it is completely a game of luck, winning cannot be predicted in this game and neither are there any strategies to follow in order to ensure a win, but there are a few tips that could most definitely increase your chances of winning or at least grant a safe play. Let us take a look at a few of the important bingo tips.

Bingo Tip 1 – The game of bingo is almost completely dependent on proper listening skills, because most part of the game involves listening to the number that the host announces and marking them correctly on your bingo card. Hence it is absolutely essential for the contestant to have undivided attention on the game, especially with the numbers that the host announces in order to be able to correctly mark them in a specific order on their bingo card in order to be able to avail the winning prize amount.

Bingo Tip 2 – In addition to excellent listening skills, the contestant will also be expected to have complete knowledge about all terms and jargons that are related to the game. The knowledge about bingo glossary is extremely important in order to increase your chances of winning multiple prizes through one or more bingo cards, in one or more session of a bingo game. Bingo terms will also be very helpful in giving you a much better understanding of all techniques and methods of playing the game, making you an expert at it with each attempt.

Bingo Tip 3 – While using a dauber in a bingo game, never strike it rashly on your card, this would result in the number getting completely covered by the ink. It is very common for people to strike the dauber against the announced numbers on the card in the excitement of the game, but what they do not realize at that moment is that if the numbers are not to be seen properly, the announcer will not be able to check them before declaring the winner. The numbers have to be clearly visible on your card, hence always make sure that you use the dauber gently of the numbers, so that there is just a slight mark placed on them instead of a darker one.

Bingo Tip 4 – It is very important to have a lot of discipline when you play bingo. Do not let your focus shift at any moment form the game for any reason, because even the smallest mistake can lead you to lose the game. Hence always make sure you have one card to play at a time. Having too many cards can in a way increase your chances of winning, but also leads to the possibility of having to check too many cards for one single number at a time. There are chances that you may miss some numbers on some cards, due to this. And by the time you check for the earlier called out numbers, another number is already announced and lose your focus.

Bingo Tip 5 – If you choose to have more than one bingo card to play with than make sure, that both the cards have different numbers on it. This is because the more similar numbers of most of your cards, the lower will be the chances of you winning the game with those similar number combinations. Also try to choose a bingo hall with lesser amount of participants, as more contestants for the game will definitely mean lesser chances for you to win. More participants will also mean that there may be chances of multiple winners, in which case you will have to share your prize money if at all you win.

Bingo Tip 6 – Use different colored daubers for different purposes on your bingo card. For Ex- Try using a particular colored dauber for mistakes on your card, so that you can mark with that particular color whenever you make a mistake. This will make it simpler for you to continue with the game, and there will be no confusion in between, thus you are able to completely focus on the game. Also try to use a lighter version dauber, so that even if you mark with them on the numbers, the numbers will still be clearly visible through the ink.

Bingo Tip 7 – It will also be very favorable for you to have a better knowledge and understanding of the game before you begin with it. Joining various Bingo clubs, watching the way they play and learning a few tactics will help you get a better insight into the game. You can increase and improve your experience with several kinds of bingo games, by having a chat with the experienced bingo players, participating in small town bingo games before going in for the big one. The more time you invest in understanding the game at the initial stages, the more there are chances of you becoming an expert at it.

Bingo Tip 8 – Before joining a bingo hall or an online bingo website, it is also very essential that you check the authenticity of the game. This is a very important step to be taken, because there are many bingo halls and websites that are operated by fraudulent organizers, and may cost you some amount of your money if at all you win and are denied the prize. Hence, in order to avoid such circumstances later, one must initially be very smart to have a proper background check on a bingo hall or a bingo website through public reviews, feedback and company information.

Bingo Tip 9 – Also trying your hand at bonus bingo games, would be a better option, especially for inexperienced players, who want to get some practical experience of playing a bingo game and not risk losing a heavy amount. These bonus bingo games are a little different from the actual bingo session, and are often conducted right before or after the actual session, but the prizes offered for bonus games are quite often very attractive and interesting.

Bingo Tip 10 – Be a little choosy about buying bingo cards. It would be advisable to go for a slightly costlier card instead of buying a cheap one which would be of a local company make, and would thereby have minimal chances of winning. Similarly, depending on which bingo game will you be indulging in, wisely make a decision of playing with one or more bingo cards, because in some bingo games, it would be recommended to play with only one card at a time, where as in few others, it would be more advisable to play with more than one card at a time, in order to increase your chances of winning.

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